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Improve your mental health in the pandemic of Covid-19

Mental health can affect daily living, relationships, and physical health.However, this link also works within the other direction. Factors in people’s lives, interpersonal connections, and physical factors can all contribute to psychological state disruptions. Looking after psychological state can preserve a person’s ability to enjoy life. Doing this involves reaching a balance between life activities, responsibilities, and efforts to realize […]

How to boost your brain power and memory

Memories are weak on aging, but some children and adults also have difficulty remembering things and things. A person’s memory may be weakened due to lack of nutrition or any injury or illness. However, you do not need to panic as home remedies to increase memory can help you in this. (How to boost your brain power and memory)If the […]

How to Indentify your weak immune system

No vaccine or drug has yet been discovered to protect us from the serious threat of corona virus, in which case our immune system plays the most important role in this fight. Doctors say that those people who are vulnerable to corona virus are easily vulnerable to immunity. There are several reasons why the immune system is weak. Such as […]

Best and healthy food in winter season

Oranges Oranges are one of the best citrus fruits of winter. It contains high levels of vitamin C, antioxidants that make many cells of the immune system perform their functions, especially phagocytes and T-cells. As much as it is tasty in eating oranges, it is also beneficial for health. Consumption of oranges daily reduces the risk of vitamin C deficiency, […]

किशोरों में तनाव – हाल के वर्षों में एक आम समस्या

किशोरों में तनाव – हाल के वर्षों में एक आम समस्या हाल के वर्षों में, तनाव से प्रभावित युवाओं की संख्या बढ़ रही है और यह भी कि वे अपने जीवन में तनाव का सामना कर रहे हैं। यह तनाव जीवन किशोर के भविष्य में कई परेशानियों का कारण बन सकता है। विशेष रूप से, मानसिक पहलू में, कई समस्याएं […]

दुनिया के सबसे सफल व्यक्तियों की आदतें !

    दुनिया के सबसे सफल व्यक्तियों की आदतें ! नमस्कार दोस्तो, आज हम बताएंगे दुनिया के सबसे सफल व्यक्तियों की आदतों के बारे में जो आपकी बिल्कुल बदलकर रख सकती है और आपको एक पॉजिटिव इंसान बनने में अपने लक्ष्य को हासिल करने में जरूर मदद करेंगी। उम्मीद यह पोस्ट आपको ज़रूर पसंद आएगी।  व्यक्ति जो हमेशा स्वयं को […]

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