Want to Increase Power Without Effort?

When light is reflected, its source isn't diminished in the least , it's increased by the addition of the sunshine that's reflected.When there's a light-weight , the quantity of sunshine , or we could say the brightness of that light within the room, is that the amount of sunshine that emanates from the light source.

When a mirror is placed facing the sunshine source, the space becomes brighter than if there have been no mirror to reflect the sunshine . The light can even reach around corners and behind walls by being reflected off the mirror to places it couldn't reach on its own.When the sun reflects off the moon, it gives more light even without it increasing its own intensity and lights up the world while being on the opposite side of the earth . Its light is multiplied and reaches in directions aside from its projection.If humans are a spark of the divine light as some spiritual teachings ask us, then perhaps we are created as how to reflect the sunshine of God, whatever God could also be , such Its light/power increases with none effort of its own. The power and reach of the light can go beyond its own limitations.Therefore, the more humans there are reflecting the light, that light increases exponentially. What if the light is actually power, like a fire, that burns in a field that has an everlasting fuel source. Burning in one spot, the hearth features a limited amount of energy, but if it spreads to a bigger area, its energy increases.

As it increases, its power increases, it becomes stronger. So the more humans there are, the more light there is, and therefore the more powerful that being becomes.This could be the aim of humans, to extend the facility of that light energy, by being reflectors and thus amplifiers of the Divine Light Being, in order that it can become ever stronger.


The question we have to ask now, with the way the world is, the way governments are controlling humanity and destroying everyones life in the name of saving less than a fraction of a percent of the worldwide population, destroying the lives of individuals of each age, now and into the longer term , in situ of saving the very aged and already ill, is; is that this being of sunshine that we are reflecting and aiding in increasing its power, an honest or an evil power.

Exodus 20:5 clearly tells us what God is. In his own words God says; "I the LORD thy God am a jealous God". There are many instances indicating that God isn't the nicest of beings, neither is he the sole god.Exodus 34:14

"For you want to not worship the other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, may be a jealous God."For people who do not regard the Old Testament as having any value, long predating it is the Egyptian Mythology with their litany of Gods who also, were very egotist.


My point is, maybe things are not exactly what they seem. Light and power does not imply Good, it could very easily be what you would call Evil. However, those terms are just a matter of perspective. For people like a Bill Ackman, who manipulated the stock exchange in March, 2020, causing massive losses and destruction of wealth to many small investors, who would call him evil, people who invested in his fund, and to himself who personally profited over $2,000,000,000 during a week then day of manipulation, yes, Billion, as you see, good and evil is relative.

My personal intention and desire is to supply my thoughts in hope that you simply will not be a sheep blindly trusting what anyone says, and think logically for yourself.As an old and really religious Sufi, a Muslim, said to me; "God gave you a logical mind for a reason. Use it!"Likewise, you'll use this idea to form your light and power reflect off people or objects that you simply create, to extend your power.A work of art, a business, the workers in your business, staff who work below you in your company, everyone and everything you effect, can and possibly will reflect the energy you emanate.You can use your energy to bring people down, or make them smile, to cheat them out of their money and possessions, or help them build up a financially stable life.If you are not aware of this power, you are like a beggar on the street not knowing that the coat he wears, given to him by a very wealthy man, has precious diamonds sewn into the lining.Like the beggar, you will starve to death de pocket.

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