Motivation: an inside story

Motivation is a type of our feelings or emotions that stimulates our work. If you can aim your all focus on your goal with self motivation you can achieve it, maybe not easily but definitely.
Here is a example that needs no words to define self motivation.
Nick vujicic born with physical disabilities but Nick never let them affect them. He is the founder of the two companies and he taught that you can do what you can think. Here is a shocking truth about him Nick has no limbs but he can swim paint and also he is the author of 4 famous and popular books.
And he is is it motivational speaker as well.

Types of motivation: Here are two major types of motivation~

Two types of motivation

Extrinsic motivation: Find some specific kind of situation that held a pressure on you and you wanna change that. Means you get motivated not for changing you but for changing the world. You will give your all into change that situation until it gets done. You don't stop but here is a negative point of extrinsic motivation that it has a time limit.
Every time you wants motivation from others it will fades too quickly.
example: Like a four minute of a motivational video for a podcast. You feel fully on power when u see or listen it but after 2 days everything gets fade.

Intrinsic motivation: This is the real form of motivation. you can also call it self motivation. In this motivation you don't need any type of motivational video for podcast to achieve your goals. You do it at your own no matter what it takes. This is like a believe you do in yourself that you can do or only you can do it.

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Why we need motivation?

Why we need motivation?

The main fundamental question that everyone ask when you want a change in the world (like a not suitable situation) or a state or yourself, you need motivation. When you reach on your limits and wanna go beyond that, you need motivation. When you say yourself that it will never gonna happen again (the situation) you need motivation.

Motivation vs desire

Motivation vs desire

That's my own point of thinking that motivation doesn't long last. It's like a car you have to fuel it after reaching its limits. Desire is like a fire that never quench. We can differ them In our two categories short of motivation is like our extrinsic motivation and desire is like our intrinsic motivation that never stops until its gets done.

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Change, why?

I think that's just a waste of time to showing or proving others what you are or what you have. If you really wanna change then change for yourself because people and situation are temporary. If you ask me how to change the world I will say start changing by yourself. Find a vision don't be trapped in your society show-off or fast money making trap just leave it behind. See your past as like your past learn from it don't make it live.


This is the main part of our blog post so read it carefully. The first thing to change the world is "START" (start with thinking, start with action if you have the idea, start with what you have). This is a great Delusion many fear from this they give some funny reasons(for not going to start). They have no money or no time and skills for doing what they want. My dear friend in this revolutionary Era if you have a single Android phone and a good internet connection trust me you don't need anything.The last thing I wanna repeat, "Start with what you have and fu@k perfections because you don't need that."

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