Failure Is the first step towards your success

Everyone wants to become successful in life but no one wants to fail, but why? Why the people are afraid of failure? Now-a-days, people think that they have to make a big jump like a tiger to reach top level position. According to them, it is very easy to have a successful life. They see other people's success and feel jealousy. They just see front side of a person's life but they do not know how much struggle he/she has done to become a successful. How many times he/she has to face failure in life? Did they stop their struggle? Did they become victim of inferiority complex?
Today, I am writing this article only for this purpose to spread awareness among people not to be afraid of your failures. Failures are key points of your life. Without having failure, you cannot get a successful life. It is the golden rule of nature that you have to do struggle for things that you want in your life. Your success is a composition of your determination, hardships and struggle. For this purpose, you have to remain positive and be patience in various steps of your life.

Your positive attitude and determination towards destination are very essential because if you face any failure than you have to take it positively and boost your determination with this courage that you can do better in next try. You have to think like that why I am failed? Have I missed any instruction? What are the reasons in my failure? When you analyze your failure on this pattern, you get the better directions for next try. To remain consistent on your target leads you to success. Just take the example of eagle, his consistency and determination power toward his prey is so high because he knows that he has only one chance to catch his prey. It does not mean that he has caught his prey every time. No, never. Sometimes, he fails but he learns from his mistakes and tries again and again until he succeeds.
Life is just not a name of full leisure and pleasure. Life is full of hardships just to check your patience towards your goal. Ups and downs are part of person's life but it does not mean that person loses his hope. You just need to tackle these hardships with courage and you just have to keep faith in your Creator. All those people have faced hardships that are successful in their life. But these hardships could not distract them from their goals. Can you imagine the hardships of a poor man? He has to work at a very low salary package just to support his family. Poor man does not want comfort for his life but his foremost duty is to provide comfort to his family. He has to bear harsh behavior of his employer because there is no other resource of income. But, he does not lose hope and face all these hardships by keeping his family in front of his eyes.

Remember one thing; your failures are steps of your success stair. Just take steps like a small baby who cannot run immediately. First of all, he tries to crawl and then tries to stand. While trying to stand, he fails many times but he does not stop his tries. If little child cannot give up then why you give up. Struggle means you are crazy about your dreams, goals and achievements. At any point, if you lose your struggle, you will fall down from the position that you have achieved. Here is a main point; there is no need to struggle for things that other people want, always do struggle for things that you want because your area of interest matters a lot.

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At the end, I just want to say that failures cannot stop you from achieving your goals. All failures are lesson for you. If you do not learn from your failures, it is your fault. I repeat it, failures are just inspiration. Do not pay attention what other people say. Just focus on your life and its goal.

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