1. What is emotional intelligency

Emotional intelligence does not mean that you are not emotional. Many people are much more emotional and sensitive than others, yet they do not allow it to appear in front of others. They know how to control their emotions well. Women's crying, dripping tears, and men being angry are such expressions that they do not control, harming them in both their personal and professional fields. In today's time, it is important that you keep your behavior moderate and instead of kneeling in front of your weaknesses, change them outwardly. It is not easy to change your nature, but you can manifestly change your behavior.

What is emotional intelligency

According to Meyer and Salove, emotional intelligence is the ability to promote emotional and intellectual development. Under this ability, Mayer and Salov also include the ability to feel, evaluate, and generate emotions. According to these American psychologists, through these abilities i.e. emotional intelligence, a person is able to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, as well as regular and guided his emotions.

According to Daniel Goleman (1955), "Emotional growth means a person's understanding of himself and the feelings of the tens, to control them and make the best use of them to achieve their ventures.

In simple words, emotional intelligence indicates certain human qualities such as understanding one's state of mind, expressing empathy towards others and trying to increase the quality of life by keeping control of one's emotions, etc.

  1. Need of emotional intelligence

The significance of emotional intelligence or understanding is that through it human relations can be made healthier and better. At the same time, its importance is also that it helps in solving problems related to life challenges and by keeping a positive attitude towards these challenges. In short, emotional intelligence gives us the ability to live a better life.

Need of emotional intelligence

  1. Parameters of emotional intelligence

•Feeling Emotions: To understand emotions better, it is first important to feel them well and fully. Many times one does not need to listen to the words or language to feel the feelings, but the facial expressions and body language also make the feelings felt and then understand it better.

Parameters of emotional intelligence

•Deliberation of Emotions: Deliberation of emotions means contemplation by understanding emotions. And responding to emotions by cognition. By feeling emotions we are able to understand when and how we have to react. We usually respond emotionally to the same things, ideas or individuals that attract our attention more quickly.

•Understanding emotions: Many things can be hidden in emotions. Therefore, when feelings are felt, then it is also necessary to understand what they mean. If a person is expressing anger, then it is important for the inspector to understand what is the reason for this anger and what could be its purpose? For example, if our boss (at the workplace) is angry with us, it may mean that he is not happy with our work or that he has come from his home in anger. The intention is that it is very important to understand the feeling

Understanding emotions

Managing of emotions (management): An important aspect of emotional intelligence is the control and management of emotions. Emotion management includes controlling and directing emotions and responding appropriately to the feelings of others.

•(Attributes of an Emotionally Intelligent human)

• An human with emotional intelligence and understanding has the ability to -

• Can resolve disputes constructively.

• Do not take the emotions of others and their expressions (anger etc.) on a personal level and can control their behavior.

• Be able to understand yourself with any kind of uncertainty or change.

• Understand the moral values ​​and beliefs that influence decisions, ie identify them.

• Understand the different emotions and situations of other people and can express empathy from them.

• Could take others along with him.

• Under all circumstances, be able to behave appropriately with anti-social elements or mindless persons.

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