How to transform your life with a single deep breath?

So it all start with "a deep breath" It can make an empire for you, it can make you a gold medalist ,a perfect batsman, a businessman when all the history makers kept in the paws of a demon called desperation,When they find no way to make it successful, when they just near to end up with failures. They all take a deep breath and looks in the sky and said am never gonna be the same again, am not defeated yet and if it takes all my life on the line I am ready for it. They all start again and became successful in their toughest field, when life throws you back, when a setback, a temporary failure comes, don't hold back my friend because that's how you will achieve the goal, the vision you want. That's the real start, when struggles comes in your life take a deep breath and say that's what I wish for give me more and more hard situations and I will not let my guard down this time. This time I will show you what I learned from you. you can't stop me I am not a normal wind, I am a tornado and I will keep coming back no matter what.

Believe in yourself:

Believe in yourself

believe in yourself give it all your focus on your goal don't stop for temporary failures Just keep going. Keep hustling, keep learning and grab the fingers of belief in that thunderstorm my friend that's how you will get strong that's how you will become what you want. that is the most formidable reason for someone instead of saying I can't do it say I can do it and if you don't know how to start, where to start? Then simply ask to yourself, how how can I do it?

Is plan b works? :

Is plan b works?

stop preparing for making a plan b, plan b don't works because when you already have many plans after failure, after you setbacks, you can't concentrate on the plan A. don't adjust your goals adjust yourself. Be for confident then you was yesterday, be more skillful. Just visualise how you can make it greater and hoping for great result with the same work routine that's never gonna happen
Just see where you stand today and where you wanna be.The key of keep going is your persistence.

Take action today:

Take action today

it's good to gather knowledge, it will make you confident, a course can show you how to do it but you have to do it. Those big talks of your never gonna make you a successful person nor your procastination. that's the point you have to work, thinking is not gonna take you anywhere. start planning now and choose you works deadline that's how you will grow you mindset. now is the best time for taking the action.

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Love your failures:

Love your failures

that's the key point of successful life, start you first step, do your first sale, start your own blog/yt channel or anything don't seek for perfections. Look give your attention here what I am gonna tell you. When you love your failures you will make that field like a game and surely your mindset will be free from all procastinations of yours. That's how the great Thomas Edison be his Era's greatest inventor. when he sees his laboratory was burning in the front of his eyes he calm down himself and a deep breath and start all over again and the rest is history. the famous writer of the rich dad and poor dad Robert kiyosaki when he was under the huge amount of debt he also take a deep breath and started and you know what happened. There are many reasons like the amazing actress Oprah Gail Winfrey, The great footballer Lionel Andrés Messi, The god of cricket sachin Tendulkar

it all started with a deep breath, they all be successful with their persistency, their constant work ethic,thier believe, their vision.They don't stop for a temporary failure or a setback they jusy kept going no matter what. so you have to it too just believe in yourself and remember to take a deep breath.

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