How to Indentify your weak immune system

No vaccine or drug has yet been discovered to protect us from the serious threat of corona virus, in which case our immune system plays the most important role in this fight. Doctors say that those people who are vulnerable to corona virus are easily vulnerable to immunity.

There are several reasons why the immune system is weak. Such as an illness or habit of smoking excessive cigarettes. Apart from this, the immune system is also weakened by not getting enough sleep and poor eating. Due to weak immune system, you can fall sick again and again and it may take a long time to recover. If you see these 6 symptoms then your immune system is also weak.

If you feel that you are sick more often than others, complain of a cold, cough, sore throat or skin rashes, then it is very possible that it is due to your immune system. Candida test positive, frequent UTI, diarrhea, gingivitis, mouth sores, etc. are also symptoms of poor immunity.

Some people get sick just as the weather changes. This may be due to lower body temperature. The normal oral body temperature is 36.3 degrees for a strong immune system. Should not be below Because cold viruses survive at 33 degrees. Exercising daily can increase your body temperature and immunity. Also, hot spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon cloves, etc. are also very useful.

Feeling tired all the time

Feeling tired all the time| How to Indentify your weak immune system.

There can be many reasons for always feeling tired and lethargic such as lack of sleep, stress, anemia or chronic fatigue syndrome. If you do not know the reason for this and you feel tired even after taking full sleep, then your immune system i.e. immune system is weak.
Vitamin D enhances immunity and is lacking in most people. If there is a lack of vitamin D in your blood report, then you should make every effort to correct its level. Apart from this, persistent fatigue, sluggishness or wounds that do not heal for a long time, sleeplessness, depression and dark circles are also a sign of weak immunity.

It is common to fall ill again and again, especially in the winter months. But if you fall sick again and again in every season, it may be because your immune system is weak. The immune system fights bacteria, viruses and disease. Contact your doctor if you often have urin infection, mouth sores, colds or flu.

Allergy complaint

Allergy complaint|How to Indentify your weak immune system.

Many people have allergy complaints due to which they have seasonal fever. But if there is always water in your eyes, you have a reaction with something to eat, skin rashes, joint pain and stomach problems always, then this can also be a sign of weakening of your immune system.

It takes time to heal the wound. During the healing of the wound, a dry crust is formed on the skin which prevents the blood from coming out of the body. If your wound does not heal quickly, it may be that your immune system is weakened. The same problem is also with cold and flu. Most people recover after a week, but if you have flu for a long time, it is possible that your body is not able to fight the infection.

Digestive problems:

Digestive problems| How to Indentify your weak immune system

Bacteria present in the intestines have a direct effect on the immune system. If you have frequent diarrhea, ulcers, gas, bloating, cramps, or constipation, this may be an indication that your immune system is not working properly. Probiotics, lactobacilli and bifido are good bacteria and protect the intestine from infection. The small amount of these bacteria also weakens the immune system.

Weak immune system has a direct impact on health, due to which you may complain from tiredness to hair loss. To strengthen your immunity, you should exercise with healthy diet and get plenty of sleep.

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