How to boost your brain power and memory

Memories are weak on aging, but some children and adults also have difficulty remembering things and things. A person's memory may be weakened due to lack of nutrition or any injury or illness. However, you do not need to panic as home remedies to increase memory can help you in this. (How to boost your brain power and memory)
If the memory of you or someone close to you is weak, you can get rid of this problem with the help of food-enhancing foods in your diet and measures to increase the memory.
So let's know about the domestic ways of increasing the memory.

Almonds -


You must have always heard about almonds. This is absolutely correct. Almonds contain anti-oxidants and omega 3 acids, which help to increase our memory. Soak 4-5 almonds in the night and peel them in the morning and eat them with milk.



Walnuts are also considered very good for the brain. It fights weakness in the brain. Eating 20 grams of walnuts regularly in the morning increases the memory.

Pumpkin seeds -

Pumpkin seeds

Zinc is generally found in plenty in pumpkin seeds. Therefore it is considered very good for the brain. You can also get a good sleep by consuming pumpkin seeds.

Coconut Oil -

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil fuels our brain cells. Due to which our memory increases. If you want, you can use coconut oil in food. If you cannot do this, then massage your head regularly with coconut oil.



Turmeric contains an element called curcumin which gives anti-inflammatory effects in the body. It also has antioxidant effect. Several researches on animals have found that curcumin helps reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the brain.

Have a good sleep -

One should sleep regularly so that our mind remains calm and our brain's thinking capacity increases. The brain also gets tired due to constant use of mind. Therefore, it is necessary to get 7-8 hours of sleep so that you and your brain feel refreshed.

Meditation -

Meditation helps reduce stress and increase concentration. Mindfulness training was imparted to 293 students of Psychology which improved their ability to remember things. The study found that the recall of students taking training has improved compared to students who were not trained.


Exercise is very important to stay physically and mentally healthy. Research has revealed that exercise can help improve memory of people of all ages. In many studies, exercise can increase secretion of neuroprotective proteins and also improve the development of neurons that improve mental health.

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