Evrything you should know about entrepreneurship

So, we are here today to talk something about entrepreneurship and first we should know what's the mean of the word entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is a kind of label that is given to somone when he hustle and bring his dreams to live. It's not a name that we can give to ourselves without doing anything as many people thing being entrepreneur is so much easy and it's cool.

Is it really easy

Then the answer is no not all. I see many people buying a domain posting themselves as ceo nd all in social media.

That is like flying without knowing the destination. And it is not easy at all as you have to think outside of the box. You have to work in your bad times also when you feel giving up. But remeber one thing there is always a Sunshine after a dark night.

Is there any dark side

Again the answer is yes as there is dark side of entrepreneurship also. Being a entrepreneur myself i also feel to give up on my life. But that is the will power that keeps me pushing to work on my dreams as well as on me to be the all time better version of myself. Some of them also start taking drugs as cause of tension and anixiety as well as the fair. But I will say these all are Temporary things it's better if we think about long term instead of short term things. It's all about sticking to your dreams no matter what happens.

When we can call ourself as an entrepreneur

Then the answer is first work on hiding your dreams from evryone and do it with silence and make your exaust make the noise. Why I'm saying this because if you will tell your dreams to everyone then they will also try to bring you down as because of pure jealously. And you don't have to call your self as an entrepreneur people will call you with time. Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

What we should do to be an entrepreneur

Let's talk about this in some points.

1. Never back down

2. Stick to your dreams no matter what happens.

3. Bring constantsy and displine

4. Work without making noise.

5. Stop using social media and talking with people for sometime

6. Sleep well for a creative mind

7. Don't do what evryone is doing , do something out of the box

8. Have gf/bf leave them if you can't give time to your work. As your future is more important then some temporary feelings.

9. Hustle day in and day out.

10. Always try to be the best version of yourself.

Thnx for reading and my blessings are always with you.

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